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coding in data science and analytics

How to connect Google Data Studio to PostgreSQL

Connecting Google Data Studio to your PostgreSQL database is easier than you would think. I will walk you through the whole process step by step. By the end…

Strategy and Business in Data Science and Analytics

Data visualisation and discovery with Tableau

The usefulness of visualisations in data analysis is often questioned.  At the end of the day, the outcome of the analysis should be quantifiable, right? Well, maybe. But…

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How to Create UTM Codes and Track Your URLs

Wouldn’t it be good to know where most of your traffic is coming from? What about email sign ups or even revenue broken down by social channels? How…

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Website Heatmaps – Tools, Features & Best Practices

Heatmapping is a simple and efficient way to analyze visitor interaction and user behavior on your website. If you are in a Conversion Rate Optimization (aka. CRO) project…

coding in data science and analytics

SQL for Data Analysis – Tutorial for Beginners – ep2

This is the second episode of my SQL for Data Analysis (for beginners) series and today I’ll show you every tiny little details of the SQL WHERE clause….

coding in data science and analytics

How to install SQL Workbench for postgreSQL

In my previous SQL for data analysis tutorial I’ve briefly mentioned, that I prefer SQL Workbench over pgadmin4 for SQL querying. Today I will show you, how you can install it…

coding in data science and analytics

SQL for Data Analysis – Tutorial for Beginners – ep1

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a must if you want to be a Data Analyst or a Data Scientist. I have worked with many online businesses in the…

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Usability testing (for Data Analysts)

Usability testing is a widely used research method to collect detailed and direct qualitative user feedback about your product (or website, mobile application, anything…) What is it exactly…

coding in data science and analytics

Data Coding 101 – Intro to Bash – ep6 (last episode)

This is the last piece of my “Data Coding 101: Introduction to Bash” series, where I introduce the very basics of how to use the command line for…

coding in data science and analytics

Data Coding 101 – Introduction To Bash – ep3

This is third episode of my Data Coding in Bash series, here on data36.com! We’ve already set up a fully functioning data server, have learnt the basic orientation…

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Five Second Testing

Every online data analyst and/or researcher should use – or at least be familiar with – qualitative methods. Even if you are heavily into analytics and even if…

coding in data science and analytics

When and why to build your own data tools?

For the record: I’m a big supporter of the third-party data services (eg. Google Analytics, Hotjar, Crazyegg, Optimizely, Mixpanel, etc.). I like them, because they are easy to…

coding in data science and analytics

Data Coding 101 – How to install Python, SQL, R and Bash (for non-devs)

The ultimate step by step guide – for non-developers and wannabe data scientists! This is how to install R, Python, SQL and Bash in 30 minutes and start learning…

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The 5 rules of A/B testing

If you are in an online business, most probably, you know what A/B testing is. (Sometimes it’s called split testing or bucket testing). And there is a big chance,…

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The Data Analyst’s Toolset (UPDATED: Aug, 2017)

In this post I collect the best data – and UX-research – tools and I break them down into 3 categories: 1. The baby steps: this is for you, if…

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