the junior data scientist's first month

The Junior Data Scientist’s First Month (Video Course)

100% practical 6-week data science challenge & video course — simulating of being a junior data scientist at a true-to-life startup.

Learn SQL for Data Analysis – from scratch

Learning SQL is very useful for anyone in the online world. And it’s a definite must for Data Analysts/Scientists! Here are 8 articles to start with…


Learn Python 3 for Data Science – from scratch

I put together a ‘Python 3 for Data Science’ tutorial series starting from the very basics. It features 9 practical articles – that covers everything you need to know!


Learn Data Analytics in Bash – from scratch

Read these 7 free articles about Bash/Command Line and take your very first step to learn the basics of coding for Data Science!

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Linear Regression in Python using sklearn and numpy (with code base)

I always say that learning linear regression in Python is the best first step towards machine learning. Linear regression is simple and easy to understand even if you…

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What is Data Science?

In this article I’d like to answer a very simple question — that I get a lot. It’s this:What is data science? The question is simple, sure… But…

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Scraping Multiple Web Pages with For Loops (in bash) — Web Scraping Tutorial ep#2

This is the second episode of my web scraping tutorial series. In the first episode, I showed you how you can get and clean the data from one…

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Web Scraping Tutorial — episode #1 — Scraping a Webpage (with Bash)

Running hobby projects is the best way to practice data science before getting your first job. And one of the best ways to get real data for a…

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What’s the best computer/laptop for a data scientist?

I get this question a lot: What’s the best computer (or laptop) for a data scientist? In this article, I’ll answer it in detail and I’ll add specific…

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3 A/B Testing Misconceptions

In my previous landing page A/B test case study, I promised to get back to you with a few A/B testing misconceptions. In this article, I’ll share three…

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Landing Page A/B test on Data36 (A/B Testing Case Study)

Today, I’d like to give you an insight into an A/B test that I recently ran on my own blog, In the last few years, the Data36…

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A/B Testing Culture (within your Company)

Many companies are using A/B testing. But not too many of them are using it successfully. I mean, yeah, everyone has a few winning A/B tests that she…

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Statistical Significance in A/B testing (and How People Misinterpret Probability)

A few years ago we were running a major homepage A/B test with one of my clients. Huge traffic, huge potential, huge expectations — and huge risk, of…

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Data Science Projects for Boosting Your Resume

We all know the old catch-22 — you need a job to get job experience and job experience to get a job. Luckily, that’s not entirely true in…

Strategy and Business in Data Science and Analytics

Data Beats Opinion… or does it?

Data Science is trending! Year by year more and more online businesses start their first data science projects, build up their data teams, hire more data scientists and…

Strategy and Business in Data Science and Analytics

Data Science for Business

Doing Data Science without a sense of business is like playing chess without the kings on the board. For every business, making its products or services better is…

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Learning Data Science – 4 untold truths

Did you flirt with the idea of learning data science? You are not alone. This has been a really hot topic in the last few years and it…

Strategy and Business in Data Science and Analytics

A 10-minute crash course on Google Data Studio

This is a guest post from Ben Collins – freelance data analyst and developer, and founder of The Collins School of Data. What is Google Data Studio? Data…

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Presentation Tips for Data Professionals

Not so long ago, I saw one of my data scientist friends speak in front of his whole company. He worked for two months on a great data…

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How to be a more productive Data Scientist? Don’t do more, do it smarter!

A few years ago, I put a lot of work into a hobby project of mine: a self-learning Python chatbot that learns like a newborn baby. It was…

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SQL Interview Questions: 3 Tech Screening Exercises (For Data Analysts)

Over the last 6 years I’ve been part of many job interviews – on both sides of the table. The most fun, but also the most feared, part…

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Pandas Tutorial 3: Important Data Formatting Methods (merge, sort, reset_index, fillna)

This is the third episode of my pandas tutorial series. In this one I’ll show you four data formatting methods that you might use a lot in data…

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Pandas Tutorial 2: Aggregation and Grouping

Let’s continue with the pandas tutorial series. This is the second episode, where I’ll introduce aggregation (such as min, max, sum, count, etc.) and grouping. Both are very…