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My practical, hands-on, true-to-life data science tutorials and video courses will help you become a junior data scientist and learn data science for real.

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6-Week Online Course

The Junior Data Scientist's First Month

A 100% practical online course. A 6-week simulation of being a junior data scientist at a true-to-life startup.

Everybody talks about how exciting it is to be a data scientist. But when you actually want to become one, nobody shows you what you’ll have to do day to day when you’ll go to the office and run real data projects for real businesses. In this 6-week online course I’ll show that to you. Even more: I’ll let you try and experience what data scientists do in real life!




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Learn SQL for data science from scratch!

SQL is a definite career booster. It’s easy to learn, most companies use it, and it’s the perfect upgrade of your skills if you are coming from the spreadsheet world. Also your best first step towards coding and becoming a data scientist.

Learn Python and pandas from scratch!

Python is the most essential data science language. All the machine learning, data wrangling and data visualization libraries that you’ll use as a data scientist are built on Python and/or pandas. So learning it is practically a must.

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Free Video Course

How to Become a Data Scientist

A free online video course packed with practical tips about how to become a data scientist. Step-by-step learning plan, where to learn, how to practice, about the CV, about the job interviews and more.

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…that will help you become a junior data scientist.

Everything you need to learn data science faster, better and more efficiently.

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