My Last Decade of Data Science Hobby Projects

Data science hobby projects I’ve built so far:

🏚 2012 – “Rent Scraper” β€” A tool to find me the cheapest apartment to rent by scraping several websites every minute. (Bash, Python)

πŸ—ž 2013 – “Prionews” β€” A system to summarize daily news in an unbiased manner. (Bash, SQL, Python)

πŸ€– 2014 – “Jarvic” β€” A self-learning chatbot. (Python)

🎨 2015 – “Write-Here-Anything” β€” A hard-to-describe website and art project. (JavaScript)

🌐 2016 – “Learn-Languages” β€” A simple script that prints the top 1,000 most important words to learn in any language, based on the script of the Friends TV show. (Python)

πŸ–₯ 2017 – “User-Generator” β€” A Python script that simulates log/data creation for a mobile app, intended for educational purposes. (Python)

πŸ‘¬ 2018 – “A/B Testing Redirect” β€” Code to implement an A/B test without using third-party tools. (JavaScript + Python)

πŸ“ˆ 2019 – “Simple User Log” β€” A basic analytics tool designed to replace Google Analytics. (JavaScript + Python + Flask)

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« 2020 – “Best Bet” β€” A game that educates people about the concept of “expected value.” (Python + Flask + HTML)

☘ 2021 – “Automated Gardener” β€” A hardware project that automatically takes care of my plants. (Python + Bash + Raspberry Pi)

πŸ’° 2022 – “BitPanda_DCA” β€” A simple automation tool that performs dollar-cost averaging on the Bitpanda platform for me. (Python + Bash)

πŸ₯ƒ 2023 – “WhiskyReturns” β€” A platform that collects data on whisky investments and displays them in a simple chart. (Python, Bash, SQL, HTML, APIs, etc.)

Most of these projects are retired and offline, but they’ve been invaluable in teaching me about data science and coding. Building a hobby project is never a waste of time. You should start yours!

Tomi Mester

Tomi Mester

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