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thoughts about data science and analytics

Data Science Projects for Boosting Your Resume

We all know the old catch-22 — you need a job to get job experience and job experience to get a job. Luckily, that’s not entirely true in…

thoughts about data science and analytics

Learning Data Science – 4 untold truths

Did you flirt with the idea of learning data science? You are not alone. This has been a really hot topic in the last few years and it…

Strategy and Business in Data Science and Analytics

A 10-minute crash course on Google Data Studio

This is a guest post from Ben Collins – freelance data analyst and developer, and founder of The Collins School of Data. What is Google Data Studio? Data…

thoughts about data science and analytics

Presentation Tips for Data Professionals

Not so long ago, I saw one of my data scientist friends speak in front of his whole company. He worked for two months on a great data…

thoughts about data science and analytics

How to be a more productive Data Scientist? Don’t do more, do it smarter!

A few years ago, I put a lot of work into a hobby project of mine: a self-learning Python chatbot that learns like a newborn baby. It was…

the junior data scientist's first month

The Junior Data Scientist’s First Month (Video Course)

100% practical 6-week data science challenge & video course — simulating of being a junior data scientist at a true-to-life startup.

coding in data science and analytics

Python libraries and packages for Data Scientists (the 5 most important ones)

Did you know that Python wasn’t originally built for Data Science? And yet today it’s one of the best languages for statistics, machine learning, and predictive analytics as…

thoughts about data science and analytics

Data Science Career Question #1: “Is Data Science For Me?”

Last time I wrote about why it’s worth it to become a data scientist. This time I’d like to answer another important and very common data science career…

thoughts about data science and analytics

Why Become a Data Scientist? (7+1 Selfish Reasons)

Why become a data scientist? From time to time, I get this question from people who are flirting with the idea of becoming a data professional. Since you…

thoughts about data science and analytics

Data Analytics Basics (introduction)

You might have heard that Data Scientist was ranked as the best job of 2017 in the USA (based on Glassdoor’s research). Recently many IT professionals have started…

thoughts about data science and analytics

Data Science Fundamentals for Marketing and Business Professionals (video course demo)

This is kind of a special blog post, because here I’m sharing 3 videos from my brand new O’Reilly Video course – called Data Science Fundamentals for Marketing…


Practical Data Dictionary

I decided to create a dictionary which unifies the most used data expressions and places them within a clear framework. This is an 54 pages handbook and actually it’s…

thoughts about data science and analytics

The great Big Data misunderstanding

“Big data is like teenage sex: everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they…