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statistics in data science and analytics

Statistical Bias Types explained (with examples) – part1

Humans are stupid. We all are, because our brain has been made that way. The most obvious evidence to this built-in stupidity is the different biases, that our…

conversion rate optimization cro

How to Create UTM Codes and Track Your URLs

Wouldn’t it be good to know where most of your traffic is coming from? What about email sign ups or even revenue broken down by social channels? How…

conversion rate optimization cro

How to Optimize Facebook Campaigns Based on Conversion Data

“How do I optimize Facebook campaigns?” This is the question that I hear all the time from clients to whom I teach Facebook marketing. Of course, it depends…

coding in data science and analytics

SQL for Data Analysis – Tutorial for Beginners – ep2

This is the second episode of my SQL for Data Analysis (for beginners) series and today I’ll show you every tiny little details of the SQL WHERE clause….

coding in data science and analytics

Data Coding 101 – Intro To Bash – ep5

In this article I will show you 3 data coding concepts, that won’t only be useful in bash, but Python and R as well! Today we will go…

conversion rate optimization cro

The Conversion Rate Optimization Framework I Use at Data36…

… is exactly the same that many well-known startup and e-commerce companies are using. However somehow this fundamental research framework hasn’t been published anywhere so far! (As far…

coding in data science and analytics

When and why to build your own data tools?

For the record: I’m a big supporter of the third-party data services (eg. Google Analytics, Hotjar, Crazyegg, Optimizely, Mixpanel, etc.). I like them, because they are easy to…

Strategy and Business in Data Science and Analytics

How data collection works?

The first step for every data project is data collection, aka.: getting the actual raw data. There are two ways to do this: A) You can pick one…

Strategy and Business in Data Science and Analytics

Funnel Analysis

What is funnel analysis? In a sentence: A powerful method of online data analysis which shows you the most important conversion steps of a user one by one. Something like this: How does…

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