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coding in data science and analytics

Data Coding 101 – Intro To Bash – ep4 (with video)

Data Coding in Bash – this is episode 4! Let’s continue with some basic bash best practices. Today I’ll show you 9 tips that will make your data…

conversion rate optimization cro

Five Second Test

Everyone who works on online research projects should use (or at least be familiar with) qualitative methods, too. Even if you are a data scientist who trusts the…

conversion rate optimization cro

Fake Door Testing: an “evil” but efficient testing method

Have you ever heard of fake door testing? If not: Fake door testing is an easy yet very powerful method with which you can measure interest in a…

Strategy and Business in Data Science and Analytics

Funnel Analysis

Funnel analysis is a powerful analytics method that every online business can take advantage of. It shows the conversion between the most important steps of the user journey….

Strategy and Business in Data Science and Analytics

Customer Retention Analysis (calculating retention rate, running cohort analysis, and more…)

Are you running an online business?Do you care about converting your new users into frequently returning users? Great! In that case customer retention analysis will play a significant…