Thank you for your registration to the JDS course!

(I just sent this to you in email as well!)


it’s Tomi Mester here.

Thank you for your registration to the The Junior Data Scientist’s First Month online course!


To access the course, you’ll have to generate a new password for yourself, that you’ll be able to use to log in to

To create your new password, go here, type your email address (that you’ve used for registration) and follow the instructions in the email:


(If you get stuck, just email me here: or

What are the next steps?

1) The course starts on 18 March 2024 (Monday). You will get an email notification when the first task and the videos are published.

2) You can always access the class curriculum using this link (you have to log in): (Save this link!)

3) As you might have heard, you also got access to 3 more smaller online courses as a bonus:

  • SQL for Aspiring Data Scientists (7-day course)
  • Introduction to Data Science Online Course
  • A/B Test like a Pro Online Course

Find all of them and the JDS course, here: (after login)


If you have any questions, let me know!
I’m looking forward to starting this course! 🙂


Tomi Mester