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Usability testing (for Data Analysts)

Usability testing is a widely used research method to collect detailed and direct qualitative user feedback about your product (or website, mobile application, anything…) What is it exactly…

conversion rate optimization cro

The Conversion Rate Optimization Framework I Use at Data36…

… is exactly the same that many well-known startup and e-commerce companies are using. However somehow this fundamental research framework hasn’t been published anywhere so far! (As far…

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Five Second Testing

Every online data analyst and/or researcher should use – or at least be familiar with – qualitative methods. Even if you are heavily into analytics and even if…

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The 5 rules of A/B testing

If you are in an online business, most probably, you know what A/B testing is. (Sometimes it’s called split testing or bucket testing). And there is a big chance,…

conversion rate optimization cro

Fake-Door Testing: an “evil” but efficient testing method

Have you ever heard of the so-called Fake-Door Testing? If not: Fake-door testing is a very easy method by which we can measure interest in a product (or a…

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