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Five Second Testing

Every online data analyst and/or researcher should use – or at least be familiar with – qualitative methods. Even if you are heavily into analytics and even if…

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The 5 rules of A/B testing

If you are in an online business, most probably, you know what A/B testing is. (Sometimes it’s called split testing or bucket testing). And there is a big chance,…

Strategy and Business in Data Science and Analytics

Reporting, Optimizing, Predicting – 3 things that you can do with your data

So there you are: you have millions and billions line of raw data. Regardless of which tools are you using to analyze it (Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Python, SQL,…

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Fake-Door Testing: an “evil” but efficient testing method

Have you ever heard of the so-called Fake-Door Testing? If not: Fake-door testing is a very easy method by which we can measure interest in a product (or a…

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Significant or not? Measure the efficiency of your AB test!

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive regarding A/B testing is how many users are necessary for the testing? Naturally, like with 99% of the questions,…

thoughts about data science and analytics

Are QR-code stickers good marketing tools?

In short: NO. You know, in Hungary we have tons of ruin pubs. And it always annoyed me when people plastered ruin pub toilets with disgusting QR-coded stickers,…

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