SQL for Beginners Workshop
in New York / Berlin / London

From zero to hero with SQL in 1 day!

Isn't it annoying...

  • when your Excel spreadsheet freezes all the time?
  • when you have to wait days or weeks for the data analysts to get something for you from the company's SQL database?
  • when you and the developers don't understand each other?
  • Chevron Square Right
    when the only missing requirement on your CV for your next dream job is SQL?

This 1-day SQL Workshop is the solution for all those problems!





Registration Limit

8 attendees


  • 1
    Introduction. Why is coding important? How does it work?
  • 2
    Introducing the data coding environment of SQL (+ other langauges).
  • 3
    SQL in Practice #1: Learning the basic SQL queries and clauses. (SELECT, FROM, LIMIT)
  • 4
    SQL in Practice #2: How to filter in SQL (WHERE, AND, OR, <, >, etc…)
  • 5
    SQL in Practice #3: SQL functions, aggregations, averages (SUM, MIN, MAX, AVG, etc…)
  • 6
    SQL in Practice #4: Segmentation using SQL
  • 7
    SQL in Practice #5: JOIN-ing tables
  • 8
    WORKSHOP: practicing on a true-to-life startup’s true-to-life dataset.
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SQL workshop - SUM in SQL

SQL workshop -  SQL JOIN
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The golden rule of an exciting SQL workshop:
10% theory, 90% practice

I've held the SQL for Data Analysis Workshop for over 300 participants in the last 3 years. And I have one golden rule: keep it practical!

This is a workshop that contains only the necessary amount of theory; all the rest is practice. Bring your computer and prepare to get your hands dirty with actual data coding from the first moment on. We will tackle every topic together, and you’ll also get small, exciting assignments – with real data sets – to continuously test your freshly gained coding skills. The best way to learn is by practicing, right? 

Who is this for?

The SQL for Data Analysis Workshop is designed for:

  • online business professionals
  • digital marketers (SEM, SEO, PPC, Social, etc.)
  • digital analysts (working in Google Analytics and/or in Excel)
  • UX professionals
  • finance professionals (working in Excel)
  • anyone who wants to invest in her career by learning about coding, analytics and data science

If you’ve never touched a coding task, don’t worry: we will start from scratch.

Over 300 participants so far from companies like:

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and more...

Invest in yourself and futureproof your skills!

Everyone says that machines will take our jobs. I see it differently. If you can "tell" a machine what to do, it won't take your job, it’ll help you do it. Learning SQL is the first important step towards working smarter and not harder.

It's not an accident that online professionals who know SQL - compared to those who don't - take home more salary and have a higher chance of getting hired into a better paying position. SQL is an important skill and good companies know it!

If you think that you can't learn it because your brain is "not wired that way," I have good news for you:

I know by experience that everyone can learn SQL.

Well, at least, if you understand Excel, I guarantee that you will understand SQL, too.

Here's the same SUM() function in Excel and in SQL:

I like to describe SQL as "Excel on steroids." Why? Because it's the same spreadsheet logic - but with four differences:

  • 1
    Performance. In SQL even 10.000.000+ rows can be processed fairly quickly. Excel usually starts to freeze after 100.000 rows.
  • 2
    Joining data sets. SQL is really good at merging big data sets. Excel... well, it's not designed for that.
  • 3
    Your company's data is in SQL, not in Excel. The native format of your company’s user data is SQL. When you use an Excel spreadsheet, that's most likely an exported version of the data from an SQL table.
  • 4
    How you access your data. Excel is primarily a point-and-click interface. In SQL, you don’t have that; you have to type so-called "SQL queries" instead. That's what makes it difficult - but also very powerful and flexible.

At the end of this SQL workshop you will:

  • understand the basics of data + coding
  • have hands-on experience and solid base knowledge in SQL
  • gain enough knowledge to continue learning by yourself after the course

And if that's not enough, you will get 2 BONUSES that you won't get anywhere else!

  • You will get free access to the professionally pre-recorded solution videos for the tasks that we solve in the workshop. So you can watch them again and again as many times as you want!
  • You will get free access to the “How to Set up your Own Data Server with Python, R, SQL and Bash” video course.

Max 8 attendees

This is a small group workshop – to ensure every attendee gets enough attention.


Tomi Mester is a data analyst and researcher. He worked for Prezi, iZettle and several smaller companies as an analyst/consultant. He’s the author of the Data36 blog where he writes posts and tutorials on a weekly basis about data science, AB-testing, online research and data coding. He’s an O’Reilly author and presenter at TEDxYouth, Barcelona E-commerce Summit and Data Conf. More info about Tomi: here (linkedin). Or check out the intro video. >>

Get in touch!

This workshop is available for companies (in Europe and in the USA) as an internal workshop. If you are interested, please send me an email at tomimester@data36.com!

For individuals, I recommend the online version of the course: SQL for Aspiring Data Scientists

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a problem if I don't know anything about programming?

No. We will start from scratch. Actually, most participants are in the same situation as you.

Should I bring my computer?

Yes. This is an interactive workshop, so you will write SQL queries on your computer.

I don't have any SQL manager on my computer...

Don't worry, before the workshop, I'll send you a 5-minute video that shows you how to install SQL Workbench (the best free SQL manager). Once you have that, you are all set!

Will I get an invoice?

Yes. In accordance with EU law, everyone gets an invoice of the payment.

I want to have this at my company instead!

Happy to hear that! Send me an email to workshop@data36.com and we can sort it out!

This date doesn't work for me. Will there be another one?

I hope so, but I can't guarantee that. I hold this workshop in several different European cities. This means that I can visit most places only once or twice a year.