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Wanna be a Data Scientist? The first step on the road is to get your own remote data server! So you can:

  • practice data science and data coding in a real data environment
  • play around with Python, R, SQL and bash
  • build your data related pet projects on those languages

data coding bash hello world

If you use the Data36 Learn server, you will get access instantly to the the exact same data infrastructure (and data coding tools), that I use in my data coding tutorial articles and videos. (By the way this setup contains the same tools that most of the startups and other data driven online businesses are using nowadays).

I personally set this data server up and it comes with these tools:

  • Bash + mcedit
  • PostgreSQL 9 + pgadmin4
  • Python 2.7 + Jupyter
  • R + RStudio

The price of the service is $20/month. (It’s billed monthly and you can cancel it any time.) Continue here:

Tomi Mester