Always wanted to learn coding to do better data analyses? During this 2-day workshop, I’ll give you an introduction to two well known and widely used data languages: SQL and Python. If you haven’t touched any coding/programming so far, don’t worry: we will start from scratch.

Who is this for?

For digital analysts and marketing/business professionals who want to understand the basics of coding, so they can perform more efficient and sophisticated analyses, and at the same time communicate better with developers and data engineers.

data workshop

A hands-on course

This is a workshop that contains only the necessary amount of theory; all the rest is practice. Bring your computer and prepare yourself to get your hands dirty with actual data coding from the first moment. We will do everything together, and you will also get small and exciting assignments – with real data sets – to continuously test your freshly gained coding skills. Best way to learn is by practicing, right?


Date: 7-8 March 2018, 10.00-17.00

Location:  Downtown Budapest (more details for registrants)

Ticket: You can choose participating for only 1 day (SQL or Python) or on both days (SQL and Python). So you have 3 options:

  • Option 1) SQL Day (7 March) 195€ (or 60.000 HUF) / attendee
  • Option 2) Python Day (8 March) 195€ (or 60.000 HUF) / attendee
  • Option 3) SQL+Python Day (7-8 March) 325 € (or 100.000 HUF) / attendee

On both days the max. number of attendees is 10. –» only 1 place left.

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workshop moments



postgresql logo1.) Introduction – Why is coding important? How does it work? Introducing the data coding environment of SQL – and comparing it to other languages (Python, R, bash etc…).

2.) SQL – the most commonly used data language.

  • Learning the basic SQL queries and clauses. (SELECT, FROM, LIMIT)
  • How to filter in SQL (WHERE, AND, OR, <, >, etc…)
  • SQL functions, aggregations, averages (SUM, MIN, MAX, AVG, etc…)
  • Segmentation using SQL
  • JOIN-ing tables
  • WORKSHOP and practicing on a true-to-life startup’s true-to-life dataset


python-logo1.) Quick recap – Why is coding important? How does it work? Introducing the Python data coding environment and comparing it to other languages (SQL, R, bash, etc…).

2.) Python is the most commonly used programming language for data science projects (e.g. predictions, machine learning, text mining, AI related projects…). We will dedicate a full day to starting Python from scratch… and by the end of the day we will already be performing some very basic predictions.

  • The logic of Python
  • Basics of Python: variables, data types, functions
  • Basics of Python: loops and if statements
  • Analytics-specific Python libraries: numpy, pandas
  • Advanced data science Python libraries: SciPy, MatPlotLib
  • Creating your first simple prediction
  • WORKSHOP and practicing on a true-to-life startup’s true-to-life dataset
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At the end of the course you will:

  • understand the basics of data coding
  • have hands-on experience and solid base knowledge in SQL or/and Python
  • gain enough knowledge to continue learning by yourself after the course
  • get free access to the “how to set up your own data server with Python, R, SQL and bash” video course

data workshopMax 10 attendees

This is a small group workshop – to ensure every attendee gets enough attention.

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tomi mesterTomi Mester is a data analyst and researcher. He worked for Prezi, iZettle and several smaller companies as an analyst/consultant. He’s the author of the Data36 blog where he writes posts and tutorials on a weekly basis about data science, AB-testing, online research and data coding. He’s an O’Reilly author and presenter at TEDxYouth, Barcelona E-commerce Summit and Data Conf. More info about Tomi: here and here (linkedin).

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