Note: we do not hold this workshop anymore, sorry. ūüôā


In this one-day training you can get a great overview on what Big Data is, and how it is used in practice. 50% of the topics cover the known and used, most popular data analysis technologies: Spark, Apache Pig, Map Reduce, Hadoop and some Python, R and SQL, as well.

The other 50% explains its business use, data strategies, practical tricks.

In other words, what, why and how to work with Big Data?


Basic developer skills are needed for this workshop, hence we  suggest it mainly to IT people who want to specialize in Big Data or if they just want to be aware of what this all means in practice.


Open training.
Date: 11th¬†March¬†2015 — 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
¬†245‚ā¨¬†/ person
Location: Berlin downtown, Germany (details will be given to the participants)
Spots: maximum 12 attendees

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For companies: If you would like a Bid Data training specialized to the needs of your company, contact us!


  1. PART: Data strategy. How does a data analysis project come together? What kind of methodology do we use? What can we use this data for anyway? (Funnel-analysis, segmentation, cohort analysis, profiling, churn-prevention, correlation analysis, etc etc).
  2. PART: Data strategy Workshop. Brainstorm on data strategy for a fictional project Рin the same way like w do in real life projects. Based on the methodology explained in PART 1.
  3. PART: What in fact is Big Data? When are we really talking about Big Data? What kind of tools are necessary for a certain volume or project? What are the most popular languages in data analysis? Which are useful and when?
  4. PART: Coding. We will familiarize ourselves with the basics of the 5 most important languages in analysis through a specific example (Hadoop, Spark, SQL, R, Python, PIG, MapReduce). We compare their logic, strengths and weaknesses.
  5. PART: Workshop. You can test the knowledge you gained throughout the day through a specific exercise. But let’s keep the details a secret for now!


  1. A great overview of what Big Data and data analysis is.
  2. A starting push and basic knowledge to start you off in the direction of data analysis and Big Data.
  3. 100% practical knowledge on which tool to use and when.

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Tomi Mester, founder of Data36
As a data analyst, he creates business strategies and information from the data of companies such as,, eDigital, etc… You can see him perform at TEDx, the Barcelona E-commerce Summit, Internet Hungary or the Budapest BI Forum.

Zoltán Tóth, Data Scientist (former data infrastructure developer at
He worked as a data infrastructure developer at for more than 4 years. He consulted with numerous companies in San Francisco and was a permanent guest speaker at many prestigious conferences. He was even interviewed 1 year ago, you can read it here!

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